We are happy to be open and prepared to see all previously and newly scheduled patients. We are following all recommended protocols to keep our patients and staff safe while at our office

If you have a scheduled appointment, you will receive a call prior explaining our protocols and how to prepare for the visit.

We are able to continue offering telemedine visits to select patients. Please ask if you are interested.

Remain at home if:

  • If you have a new fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sudden smell loss. Contact your Primary Care to discuss your symptoms.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, until you have completed the recommended quarantine period.
  • If you have had a COVID-19 test, until your test is confirmed negative.

If you have an office appointment:

  • please wear facial covering while in the office
  • only patients are allowed in the office. Children and those needing assistance can have 1 adult join them
  • be prepared to follow social distancing precautions



WNY Ear, Nose & Throat


About Us

WNY Ear, Nose & Throat is a medical practice that provides a wide range of adult and pediatric ENT services. We have multiple Physicians and Physician Assistants in the office daily, along with onsite Audiology. Our office is updated and equipped with the technology needed to provide the best care including, in office procedures, endoscopy to evaluate the nasal cavity and sinuses, laryngoscopy and stroboscopy to evaluate the throat and vocal cords, and microscopes to provide detailed examination of the ear.

Our Physicians are board-certified and affiliated with Sisters Hospital of Buffalo, Oishei Children’s Hospital, The Center for Ambulatory Surgery, and Southtowns Surgery Center. They are highly involved with the University at Buffalo Department of Otolaryngology and active in resident and medical student training. Our providers routinely attend national ENT meetings and conferences and hold leadership positions in the Buffalo Otolaryngology Society.

Our practice goal is to provide the most accurate and top quality care to our patients and their families. We work hard to clearly communicate with our patients and make sure that they are comfortable with our treatment plan.

Medical Services

The doctors at WNY ENT receive referrals from previous and current patients, and from doctors all over the Western New York area.

Patients with recurrent sinus infections, stuffy nose, facial pain and pressure and particularly pain above and around the eye, may have more than just a simple sinus infection. Their symptoms may be caused by an anatomical obstruction of the sinuses and nasal passages.

If your sinus condition continues to not respond to your doctor’s care or if antibiotics and other treatments only provide temporary relief, you may have a sinus condition that is easily fixable by our doctors through medical interventions and in some cases minor surgical interventions. Our doctors will be able to see into those areas of your nose and sinuses that are causing you difficulty. Once the problem area is identified, treatment plans can be developed.

Our doctors are well versed on all the latest technologies and medical devices to treat your sinus conditions in a safe and most effective way. This would include:

CT navigation for complex sinus cases

Steroid implants to be placed at the time of your procedure to improve outcomes and healing.  Learn more:  

In office minimally invasive procedures.  Learn more:

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